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Alexander Hager

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During our Cappadocia trip in February 2012, we had the opportunity to enjoy
a superb balloon flight with Tanja Pia Witte, visibly a very experienced
pilot who brought us very close to the unique and astonishing rocks of this
country, then flew us back up high into the sky from where we had a
fantastic overview. The days before had been marked by unusually heavy
snowfalls and it kept snowing even the morning of our flight (we started
pretty early in order not to miss sunrise). Just as we rose up, the sunlight
came through, which together with the last falling snowflakes gave an almost
magical, enchanting glittery impression while we flew among 20 other
colorful balloons.

Tanja managed to land us perfectly secure although it was hard to find a
good (means: reachable by car) landing spot in the ankle-deep snow and she
answered all the questions we could possibly ask about balloons.

We had each experienced a flight once before in Austria, but the flight we
had in Cappadocia belonged clearly to a different league and the beautiful
(snowy) landscape of Cappadocia is a whole lot different from what we've
flown over in Austria. On a side note, we found the pricing to be highly
acceptable compared to what we knew from our separate austrian balloon

We recommend this experience to ANYONE who travels through Cappadocia!
You'll need warm clothes, especially warm shoes in wintertime, but you will
ONLY regret it if you DON'T do it!

If you happen to fly with Tanja, say hello to her from our part and be happy
and fully confident to be a passenger in her basket!

Best regards from Vienna, Austria,
Alex and Sabine

(Just returned to Austria from Turkey 1 hr ago, 1st thing to do was to write
this comment, as this was REALLY a superb experience for us!) 


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Enrique Botellero

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Wonderfull experience thank you.


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Hi all, I would like to thank you for the amazing experience that you have given us. The commitment and attention to making our trip was memorable was remarkable. I'll never forget it! I would like to order something and it may serve as a hint for new groups. People shoot other balloons of other teams, you have contact with a team that photographed our balloon on 05/05/2011? My name is Alexandre Augusto A big brazillian hug


Weather in Cappadocia

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