Frequently Asked Questions

About Hot Air Balloons

1.How do hot air balloons fly

The hot air balloons fly by the basic principal that hot air rises.. The Pilot uses a gas burner to heat the air inside the envelope. When it is hotter than the air outside the envelope , the balloon will rise into the air. The pilot keeps the balloon up by heating , and leaves it to cool down when he wants to descend.

2. What are the main parts of a hot air balloon?

There are three main parts of a balloon;

ENVELOPE,made from lightweight rip-stop nylon fabric ;
BASKET,made of wicker, carrying the Pilot, passengers and liquid propane tanks;
BURNER,which turns the liquid propane into gas which burns to heat the air inside the envelope.

3. How long does it take to inflate and deflate the balloon?

Depending on the experience of the crew it could be inflated in 15 to 20 minutes, and the same to deflate and pack-up.

4. Can you steer a balloon?

Not totally ; as balloons do fly where the winds takes , the pilot only could find winds blowing in different directions at different heights to achieve light changes in direction.

5. What happens if the burner goes out?

The passenger balloons have 2 to 4 independent burner systems, and the chances of all of these failing at the same time sounds imposible.. If there were no burner, the balloon would descends as a parachute for landing.


1.When I will fly?

In Cappad ocia region due to the light morning winds for the max. performances of the balloons and soft landings the balloon flights are organized early in the morning.

2.Which will be the flight direccion of my balloon?

Your balloon will fly where the direction and the speed of the wind allows , your pilot can not control the direction of your balloon.

3. How high will fly?

The normal flights usually have a max altitude of 5000 feets.

4.Will it be cold outside?

You will have the radiant heat from the burner over your head during the flight but while you wait for the departure and the breakfast take care the seasonal temperature.Also don't forget to wear good socks for winter season.

5.What should I wear?

Please wear long sleeves, trousers and flat shoes (trainers or walking boots are ideal). T-shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses are not recommended.

6.Could I fly if I am pregnant?

It's FORBİDDEN TO FLY in any conditions of pregnancy.

7. Is there an age limit?

There are no age limits, but children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult. Over 75 needs the confirmation of the pilot.

8.If I am scared of heights?

Many people are scared of heights, but you will not get any sensation of movement or speed; the ground simply seems to fall away. You will quickly lose any fear you had; in fact, most people who were scared initially, want to go straight back up once they have landed.

9.What happens if the weather is not suitable for flying?

This happens very rarely during our main season, but possible during the winter months. If you pilot decides the conditions are not suitable for flying, you will receive a full refund of any payments directlty.

Weather in Cappadocia

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